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    As a gay owned business employing many queer people, Magnolia Scents honors all the trailblazers that have worked and sacrificed to bring visibility, equity, and justice for queer people all over the world. Their contributions span art, science, music, activism and so much more!

    Though there are countless individuals that contribute each and every day, these six people have been chosen for our inaugural Pride Soy Candle Collections. Burn these candles in appreciation of them. Here are their stories.

    Red: William Inge -- Raised right here in our own Independence, KS, this gay Pulitzer winning playwright and Oscar winning screen writer made an indelible mark on American culture with works that highlight the lives and struggles of small-town people. The scent, Apple Cinnamon, is a classic, small-town mix of apple and cinnamon, just like the pies mom used to make.

    Orange: Freddie Mercury -- As the bisexual lead singer of super-star band Queen, his extremely talented voice continues to wow fans to this day. He sadly passed away from AIDS in 1991, a stark reminder of the deadly virus ravaging the queer community at that time. The scent, Orange Clove, is a zesty, spicy, warm blend that is both over the top, and incredibly endearing.

    Yellow: Sharice Davids -- Congresswoman and a member of the Ho-Chunk people, she is the first known lesbian and Native American elected to Congress from the State of Kansas. She remains one of only two Native women to have ever served in the US House. The scent, Peach Fuzz, is a mouth-watering, fruity, juicy, sunshiny concoction that helps us look forward to our bright future.

    Green: Sally Ride -- Astronaut, physicist, and later a professor, she was the first American woman to travel to space in 1983. She also has the distinction of being the first lesbian in outer-space. The scent, Absinthe at Midnight, is a captivating blend with luscious black currants, warm notes of star anise, and amber. It's sophisticated, intelligent, and shoots for the stars... well, botanically anyway.

    Blue: Gilbert Baker -- Born and raised in the southeast Kansas towns of Chanute and Parsons, this gay artist and activist created the very first Rainbow Pride flag in 1978. He refused to trademark his work so the flag can be openly reproduced without licensing. The scent, Cabana Boy, is super fun and oceanic, full of mouthwatering notes of coconut, mango, pineapple, and everything else that should be in a vivid drink that comes with an umbrella.

    Purple: Marsha P. Johnson -- Known as the person that launched the Stonewall Riot in 1969, she threw the first brick against oppressors in the fight for equity. That riot, with Marsha’s help, morphed into the Pride marches and celebrations we know today. The scent, Blackberry Sage, is quite complicated and beautiful, with tart blackberry, sage leaves, spices, and vanilla. It was our very first scent and reminds us the first Pride was a protest.

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      Fabulous scent with a perfectly clean burn

      Our natural soy candles are individually handpoured by skilled artisans in micro-batches so you can be assured of superb performance every time. Feel safe knowing we only include the best ingredients such as soy wax, essential oil infused fragrance and cotton/paper wicking.