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Mint Chocolate Chip 4oz Reed Diffuser Oil


Imagine planting your flag in the summit of a mountain of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Super sweet, minty and richly chocolaty; this fragrance is deeply comforting, fresh and satisfying all at the same time!

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    No flame, no heat, no electicity, no bulbs to change!

    Our reed diffusers are a delightful way to spread pleasant fragrance throughout your room. Simply open the bottle and pop in the reeds. Within a few hours the fragrance will soak up the reeds and begin to scent your space. Works best in small to medium sized rooms. For larger spaces, use two or more diffusers. Oil can be poured into any decorative glazed ceramic or glass container to suit your decor. 4 fl ozs. Lasts up to two months. Bundle of reeds included.
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