scents by design

A Divinely Scented Story

Magnolia Scents by Design is the world’s best smelling scent shop artisanally handcrafting natural candles, soaps, and body products utilizing hundreds of captivating aroma combinations. Our expertly trained Master Chandlers create fantastically scented products for your home, bath and body using the most nourishing, natural and robust ingredients we can find. Incorporating complex techniques and precise recipes, we ensure your soy candles burn perfectly, tart melts scent richly, lotions soothe and soften your skin, and soap bars cleanse while adding back precious moisture. In short, we are ultra-passionate about each and every item we handmake, and it shows!

The company was founded in 2006 in the kitchen of Brian Hight and Ryan McDiarmid.  Back in college we learned to make soy candles for Christmas gifts. Though the first candles definitely had their problems, friends and family appreciated them and encouraged us to keep crafting. Magnolia Candle Company was born in a great old Greek-revival mansion in our hometown of Independence, Kansas and quickly took over the house. When customers requested appointments to shop the candle shelves in our dining room, it was clear a new, more public location would be necessary. 

In the spring of 2008 Magnolia Health & Home opened in a handsome 1890’s era brick building in downtown Independence featuring the now perfected soy candles in addition to a line of handmade bath and body products, teas, herbs, spices and home décor. Most importantly, from the outset we have focused on, and prided ourselves in, providing a rare customer experience indulging as many senses as possible. With success and growth, a second location opened in the fall of 2014 in Greenville, SC with a new company name, Magnolia Scents by Design, and an interactive micro-factory design inviting our guests to truly be part of the crafting process.

Providing an unparalleled visit that invigorates the senses is always our primary goal, but we must do so as good stewards of our natural resources and planet. For this reason, we choose ingredients and packaging that is as natural as possible, is domestically provided and utilizes recycled materials. Additionally, our recipes and processes are designed to minimize waste and we recycle what’s left if we can, all the way down to the shipping materials we use. Our earth is precious, and we intend to make her better, not use her up.

So stop in some time, sniff around, experience our legendary hospitality and expertise, and let us show you how we’re the best smelling scent shop in the world!

Original co-founders, Brian Hight and Ryan McDiarmid. We reside in our hometown and birthplace of Magnolia Scents, Independence, Kansas.

The old mansion where our company was launched. The original idea was to convert the stately Greek revival into a bed and breakfast; Magnolia Inn.  What could be a more perfect symbol of Southern hospitality than the sweet magnolia? The restoration is ongoing and may one day still become a haven of hospitality, but for now we're focused on fabulous fragrance!

Magnolia Health & Home | Original storefront, Independence, Kansas | Founded March 2008

Magnolia Scents by Design | Greenville, South Carolina | Founded October 2014

Magnolia Scents by Design | Updated storefront, Independence, Kansas | August 2015